When mentioning the most interesting towns of Cieszyn Silesia, you should definitely place Ustron at one of the first places. That’s because Ustron is one of the most popular tourist-recreation towns in Beskid Slaski.Lots of people come here on warm and sunny days, especially during the weekends. Some tourists like to conquer the mountains, while others prefer walking down the Vistula river or enjoying their free time in local restaurants and bars.

Ustron is located in the Cieszyn County, in Beskid Slaski, between the slopes of Rownica and Czantoria. Not far away you can find the equally popular Vistula (the town of Vistula).

Ustron was first historically mentioned back in 1305, when it was originally owned by the Cieszyn principality. Later, it was owned by the Habsburg monarchy for over 400 years until 1918.
Many tourists might be surprised by the fact that for a certain time, Ustron was an industrial center.

While visiting Ustron, you should check out such atractions, as the Forest Surprise Park. This attraction is a cross between a zoo and an amusement park and is especially great for families with children. Here you will find plenty animals, especially those that live in Polish forests. Some of these animals like deers and daniels are free to walk around the guests, while others, like raccoons, live in cages.
Apart from animals, in the Forest Surprise Park there is the Fable Avenue, with several scenes from famous fairytales. Plus, every now and then you can admire a mechanical pupper theatre entitled „Bird wedding”

Other atrractions of Ustron include the St. Clemens church, which originated in the 15th century as a small, wooden church and numerous hiking trails.

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