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Weekend attractions in Gdynia.

Barely 100 years ago, Gdynia was a small fisherman’s settlement. Today it is considered the most modern city in the famous Tricity. This is the place where, instead of monuments, we can find modernistic architecture from the 1930s and a marine with with impressive yachts. Active tourists can use one of the numerous bicycle routes and sightseeing trails as well as go on a walk along the cliff at the beach. What other attractions does Gdynia have to offer? Here are a few suggestions.

As a city that constantly competes for the tourists’ attention with Sopot and Gdańsk, Gdynia is a place, where we can find enough attractions to plan an entire weekend. In 2016, Gdyniawas even considered to be… the happiest city in Poland. What should you see and do Gdynia? Here are some suggestions.

The Kościuszko Square and pier in Gdynia.
One of the most recognizable places in Gdynia is the Kościuszko Square. Almost every tourist who ever decides to visit this city takes a walk down the seaside promenade full of restaurants, cafes and stalls. A huge attractions for walkers is the sight of monumental ships mooring by the coast. It is obligatory to see the Polish ORP „Błyskawica” destroyer and the most famous polish sailboat – „Dar Pomorza”.

The Kościuszko Square is also a place where many concerts, festivals and open-air events are organized. The Kościuzko Square is extended by the Southern Pier. It’s worth going for a 1-hour cruise in the inner harbor.

The „Dar Pomorza” ship.
This famous sailboat is nearly 110 years old. Built between 1909 and 1910 for the German Navy, It wasn’t actually owned by Poland until 1929. During its service in the Polish Navy, which lasted more than 50 years. It conquered half a million sea miles and went for 102 school cruises.

In 1983, a museum was opened in the famous ship, which is one of the symbols of Gdynia. While visiting this ship, you can see the engine, the commander’s room and the sail magazine, and at the same time, you can get familiar with the fascinating history of „Dar Pomorza”.

The beach in Gdynia
Similarly to the nearby Sopot and Gdańsk, the beach in Gdynia can offer whole kilometers of sandy beaches – a popular part of them is located not far from the Kościuszko square. The beach is wide, sandy and has a gentle entrance to the sea, which makes it perfectly safe for young children. During the full season you have to be ready for a huge amount of people who might want to relax. Many restaurants and attractions of Gdynia are located by the city’s beach. It is also a great place to begin a walk down the Seaside Boulevard in the direction of Orłowo.

The ORP „Błyskawica” ship.
Right behind the Kościuszko Square, at the left side of the Southern Pier, the famous wartime ORP „Błyskawica” ship floats on the sea. The creation of the ship began in the second half of the 1930s

  • the English shipyard in Cowes was asked to build the destroyer for the Polish Navy. During World War II, this ship was floating through the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

In the mid 1970s, the destroyer became a museum object. The ship rooms and uniform exhibition are available for tourists. Today, „Błyskawica” is the oldest existing destroyer in the world.

Kamienna Góra: the Gdynia Hill
Kamienna Góra is a hill, located in the center of the city, from which you can admire the beautiful sight of the surroundings – the city, the picturesque harbor nd the Kościuszko Square. But the gorgeous panorama isn’t the only attraction of this place. You can get to the top of the hill by climbing the stairs or riding the cableway.

At the top there is a 25-meter cross, which was put there in the 1990s. Kamienna Góra is a perfect place to escape from the crowds in the cente of the city – especially in the summer season.

The Orłowo Pier
Orłowo was once a fisherman’s settlement, in the 1930s it enjoyed its greatness as a famous health spa, an know it is one of the most beautiful districts of Gdynia. One of the greatest attractions of this place is the wooden pier, which has its history dating way back to World War I. Unlike the famous pier in Sopot, you don’t have ot pay for entering this pier, it is definitely visited by less tourists and you can easily find a free bench.

From the pier in Orłowo extends a gorgeous sight fro the sea, the beaches, the promenade and several coast buildings.

Kępa Redłowska and the Orłowski Cliff
While being in Gdynia you should also see a different attraction – the Orłowski Cliff, which is an incredibly beautiful part of the Gdańsk Bay. It is a steep seaside edge of the forested Kępa Redłowska and extends at the length of 650 meters. The cliff looks incredibly beautiful from the perspective of both the sea sand the top itself. The part of the coast in Gdynia, which stretches for more than 600 meters is a very popular place for taking walks. Especially since it si located roughly 2 kilometers away from the center of Gdynia.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia
This historical museum documents the history of the emigration of people from Poland. This is the first object of its type in our country that gathers a collection associated with with Polish emigration, and also the achievements of our fellow Polish people beyond the border. The museum is located in the historical building of the Seaside Railway Station, in the harbor of Gdynia.

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