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Weekend in Sopot. 8 greatest attractions of the city

Sopot is undoubtedly one of the most charming places at the Polish seaside. The pearl of the Baltic Sea, as this city is sometimes called, attracts tourists with its sandy beach, cafe gardens, interesting architecture and the famous wooden pier. Let’s discover the most famous attractions in Sopot.

As a city squeezed between Gdynia and Gdańsk, Sopot is one of the most fashionable places for a vacation by the Baltic Sea. This summer resort, enhabited by 50000 people, gained city rights more than 100 years ago. Today, thanks to an offer of attractions for any time of year, it is one of the favorite destination for shorter and longer trips among any tourists, including foreign ones. What should you see in Sopot? Let us introduce you to the city’s 8 greatest attractions.

1.The pier in Sopot

The Sopot Pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe. It is more than 500 meters long and is one of the greatest attractions of the city. From the bridge you can admire the beautiful sight of berthed yachts and the city itself, with the characteristic block of the Grand Hotel.

In the summer season, it is a popular place for walks, occasional events, and at the same time it is a harbor of touristic sailing and water taxis. The beach extends at both sides of the pier. It is one of the favorite places of families with children. If you want to enter the pier in Sopot, you’ll have to pay 8 PLN for a normal ticket or half the price for a reduced ticket.

2.Bohaterów Monte Casino Street.

Walking down this street is an obligatory attraction when it comes to visiting Sopot. Bohaterów Monte Casino Street (or the so-called Monciak), completely excluded from the car movement, is full of charmng buffets, restaurants, cafe gardens and shops. During the full season, apart from the Royal Road in Gdańsk and the Kościuszko Square in Gdynia, it is the most eagerly visited place among tourists. In the summer, especially in the evenings, the street is very vivid and filled with crowds of walkers and party fans. Everyone is guaranteed to find something that they will enjoy.

3.The Forest Opera.

If you want to relax in the surroundings of nature, it is worth going for a walk and a picnic into the forested surroundings of the famous Sopot amphitheater, which isn’t called the Forest Opera for nothing. This object, which was first opened in 1909, is mostly characterized with a very good acoustic and attractive location.

The scenery of the Forest Opera is mostly associated with an annual festival organized here. It is also a place where numerous concerts of classical music, blues concerts and rock concerts, as well as fashion shows, are organized.

4.The Crooked House in Sopor

Without a doubt, this is one of the most characteristic Polish objects, located by Bohaterów Monte Casino Street. Almost immediately after after it was finished in 2004, the Crooked House gained enormous popularity and became a typical icon of the city. The inmterior of the house is at full disposal of tourists – inside there are restaurants, cafes, pubs and disco clubs.

The construction of the Crooked House was inspired by drawings of Jan Szancer, and later built based on the project by architects Szotyński and Zaleski. Now it is part of the list of the strangest creations of worldwide architecture.

5.The Balneological Clinic

Not far from th Sopot pier the Balneological Clinic is located. This place is already peculiar form the outside – the building is very interestig in terms of architecture, ornamented with sculptures, which made it part of the monument registry in 1982.

The object has a health spa character. In the Balneological Clinic you take take advantage of salt baths, hydrotherapy, inhalations and treatmeant of locomotor system therapy.

6.The lighthouse

In almost every seaside city you can encounter a beautifuly preserved lighthouse while sightseeing. The one in Sopot, bulit between 1903 and 1904, is a typical navigation point at the Baltic Sea. You can get to the top of the tower, which is 39 meters high by climbing the curved stairs. The lighthouse is open for tourists in the summer season. From the observation tower you can admire the incredible panorama of the Tricity and the Gdańsk Bay.

7.The beach in Sopot

Apart from the amazing atnosphere and monuments, Sopot can also be proud of its charming beach, extending not so far from the centre of the city. The brach is sandy, more than 4 kliometers long and approximately 110 meters wide.
Because of the huge amount of visitors, it stands out thanks to to the very well prepared infrastructure – numerous bars, sunbed rentals and attractions for children.

8.The Bald Mountain

Sopot is picturesquely located between the forests of the Tricity Landscape Park, and this is one of the places where 22 kilometers of walking tourism trails were marked. When you get out of the Forest Opera and turn right, you can get to the Bald Mountain (110 meters above the sea level)
In the summer it is a popular place for hiking trips, and in the winter – a well-known skiing station.
No matter whar season you come here, from this place you can admire the incredible panorama of Gdańsk and Sopot.

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