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What can you see in Krakow for free?

Krakow is one of the more beautiful cities in our country. And there are plenty interesting places to visit for free. Here are a few interesting places which you can visit for absolutely 0 PLN

1.Schindler’s Factory
The history of Schindler’s Factory, were enamelled and tin products were made, inspired many artists, including writer Thomas Keneally, and pioneer filmmaker Steven Spielberg. This is where many years ago, the german business man, Oscar Schindler, used to hire Jews, threatened with execution. They were later included in th so-called Schindler’s List and saved from certain death.

Nowadays, the buliding of the factory holds a museum. The permanent and time-limited exhibitions are dedicated to the times of German occupation of Krakow. There are also lots of resemblings tio the fate of Jews and objects related to Oscar Schindler. The permanent exhibit can be visited for free on Mondays.

2.The Amber Museum
Krakow might seem to be an unconventional location for an amber museum. You couldn’t be more mistaken. This is the second city after Gdansk, which is strongly associated with this national treasure. In the Krakow Amber Museum we can admire monuments showing the unquestionable beauty of the Baltic Sea Amber. Here you can see gorgeous jewelry, utility objects, harsh structures and lots more.

3.The Krakow Market Square and the underground
Walking through the Market Square in Krakow is an absolute must for any trip to Krakow. This is one of the most recognizable places in the city. The Krakow Market Square was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The intersting thing about the Krakow Market Square is that you can also visit it undergroud for free. This is an incredibly inquisitive combination of history and modernity. The artefacts connected to the history of Krakow are presented in a modern form. You can visit this one of a kind attraction for free on tuesdays, but you need to make a reservation early on.
This free attraction of Krakow is an opportunity to look at the city from an entirely different perspective.

4.The Vistula Boulevards
This is a perfect place for a walk at any time of year The Vistula Boulevards are also popular among runners and bicyclists. This place is ideal for a short break from intensive sightseeing.

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