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What should you see in Gdansk?

Are you wondering what you can see in Gdansk? It is impossible to be bored in this city. Apart from incredible monuments you can find countless other attractions, both for children and adults. Some people just can’t imagine a trip to Gdansk without going to the beach. And for good reason! Nothing is quite as relaxing as the sight of clean beaches and the sound of the sea waves. But what about other attractions in Gdansk? While walking along the Long Market, all you have to do is turn into a smaller street an wander a bit. Contrary to appearances, you can discover some pretty interesting views of old buildings and hidden cafes there.

The Oliwa Park
The largest park in Gdansk, the place where you can take a break from the busy city. This is the last of the countless city gardens, which has survived to our times. The antique park has a surface of 11.3 hectares and in its area you can admire the Japanese, French and English gardens. No matter what time of year it is, this place always looks enchanting. In the summer, the guests are welcomed by beautiful, colorful flowers, and in the winter, the gardens get their charm thanks to the Christmas light decorations.

The Old Town Hall
The late 16th-century Town Hall is considered one of the most precious monuments of Gdansk. This is another site that you can’t miss in Gdansk. Would you like to see how the 17th-century Mayor’s Cabinet was furnished and decorated? The Town Hall is open for visitors every day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The Royal Trail
Unlike most Polish cities, Gdansk does not have a typical Old Town. Instead, it has a wide promenade, which is walked by thousands of tourists everyday. A family walk by the road, which long ago was used by kings to get into town, is absolutely necessary to visit in Gdansk. The msot popular tourist route begins at the Highland Gate. What else should you see in Gdansk? Monuments! While walking along the Royal Trail, it is worth stopping by the Neptune Fountain, the Golden Gate, The Schumann’s house and the Artus castle.

An unconventional attraction for children will be a visit to the ZOO. You can spend the whole day in the Oliwa Park ZOO, admiring kangaroos, camels, giraffes and monkeys. Since the area of the zoo is quite large, and not everyone likes walking on foot, a retro-train has been created. This is a great opportunity for lazy people to visit the entire zoo. There is also one more surprise for the youngest animal lovers – the „Mini Zoo”, where kids can feed and touch domesticated sheep, rabbits and goats.

The Crane
There is probably no monument, that would be more characteristic to Gdansk, than the Crane. It is the oldest surviving port crane in Europe. Today, it is a department of the National Sea Museum. What is the history of the Crane? Who built it, and what for? These questions can be answered in the Museum. The visitors can also visit an interesting exhibit, showing the life of the port city and its history.

The European Solidarity Centre
Right next to the historical Gate no. 2, the Gdansk Shipyard and the monument of the Defeated Shipbuilders, the European Solidarity Centre was created. The large building covered in steel looks similar to a rusty plate of a hull. In seven rooms, there is a permanent exhibit dedicated to history of 1980. There is also a library, an archive and an educational centre.

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