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What should you see in Kujawsko-Pomorskie?

Kujawsko-Pomorskie is one of the most underrated regions in Poland. Although most tourists associated it with Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Chełmno, this place has many other attractions and historical treasures to offer. What should you see in kujawsko-Pomorskie? Here are a few suggestions.

Kujawy is one of the oldest Polish settlement areas and are one of the most interesting regions in our country in terms of folk culture. In Toruń you can explore th 19th century village, in Venice you can ride a monumenta train, and in Biskupin you can take part in an archaeology festival. Here, fans of active vacation can find perfect areas for bicycling and good places for kayaking and other water sports. Meanwhile, fans of relaxing in the surroundings of nature can find the Forest Park of Culture amd Relaxation, the Zoobotanical Garden and the Nature Museum. Let us introduce you to the greatest attractions in Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

1.Toruń: the city of gingerbread and Copernicus
Toruń – a city smelling like gingerbread, climatic and full of gothic buildings is one of the most interesting cities in Poland. Because of the huge amount of monuments, the Old Town of Toruń was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the Main Market Square you should pay special attention. To the Nicolas Copernicus Monument and the characteristic Flisak fountain.

Alomst everyone associates Toruń with gingerbread. If you’re visiting Toruń wioth children, you just have to visit the Living Gingerbread Museum. This is an interactive museum-bakery, where – under the watchful eye of an expert master – you can take part in a process of making gingerbread according to traditional recipes. Another popular place is the Copernicus House, where the division of the District Museuim is located with an exhibit about the family home and the life of the famous astronomer. In order to see the city from above, you’ll need to to climb the cathedral tower, to the height of 46 meters.

2.Venice and the Narrow-Guage Railway Museum,
Although this small town doesn’t quite resemble the famous Italian city, it does stand out with three lakes – Lake Weneckie, Lake Skrzynki and Lake Biskupińskie. The greatest attraction of the Polish Venice is the Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum – the largest open-air museum of its type in Europe. Part of the monumental wagons and locomotives is open and available for visiting from the inside. Right next to the Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum you can see the ruins of Mikołaj Nałęcz’s Castle, who because of his cruel nature was called „The Devil of Venice” The surroundings of the castle is a good place for a picnic with your family.

3.The Settlement in Biskupin: the „Polish Pompeii”
Biskupin is the place where you can visit the most famoud archaeological reserve in Central Europe. More than 85 years ago, remainings of a prehistorical settlement were discovered, which caused sudden development of Polish archaeology. Today in Biskupin you can see reconstructions of a Sorbian and Neolithic settlement – with ramparts, living buildings and streets.

At the area of the archaeological working station a museum is functioning, and also an annual festival is organized (always in the third week of september). Exploring the settlement in Biskupin is a unique opportunity to travel in time.

4.Bydogszcz: the water capital of Poland
Bydgoszcz, the largest city of the region to be located by the Vistula and Brda rivers, is sometimes called the water capital of Poland. It’s worth taking a romantic walk through the monumental Old Town – at its heart there is the Młyńska Island, which along with 19th century stonehouses extending along the edges creates the so-called Bydgoszcz Venice. The city is also famous for gorgeous parks and green areas.

Another popular place, especially among families, is the Forest Park of Culture and Relaxation with walking, cycling and educational paths. An equally interesting place is the botanical garden with numerous lakes and cascade ponds.

5.Jurapark in Solec
Without a doubt, this is one of the most beloved places for children in the kujawsko-pomorskie region. Jurapark Solec Kujawski is one of Europe’s largest dinosaur parks. In this park there are more than 100 reconstructions of Mesozoic reptiles of natural sizes, most of which are dinosaurs. All figures were created with great care about details. The visit to the park is made easier thanks to special educational paths, along which special boars were located, which [resent the most crucial events from the history of life on earth.

Located at the edge of Kujawy, Ciechocinek is the largest and most important health spa in Poland. The place is lively not only during the full season – it is crowded with bathers, who come her to take advantage of the high qualities of local salt springs.

The greatest attraction of the health spa is a complex of brine graduation towers (constructions for removing water from brine) built in the 19th century. The friendly atmosphere of relaxing and vacation is created by the low, partially monumental buildings and the extensive green areas.

Picturesquely located at the right edge of the Vistula river, Grudziądz is a city with a long history and plnety monuments. The icon of the city is a strict complex of 26 granaries (originating from the 12th-17th century), which can easily impress anyone with their height. At the castle mountain you should pay attention to the remainings of the Teutonic stronghold walls.

At the time of its greatness, the Caastle in Grudziądz was visited by Polish kings, including Zygmunt August, Stefan Batory and Jan III Sobieski. It is also worth walknig through the Old Town – an interesting part of it is a Market Square with baroque stonehouses.

8.Inowrocław – the Salty Town
A popular place in this part of Poland is Inowrocław, the capital city of Kujawy Zachodnie. The health spa traditions reach back to the late 19th century – natural mineral richness of salt and brineare still used today. Here you can find a graduation tower (which is visited by most of the tourists) the water drinking house and a therm with Sodium-Chloride water. While being in Inowrocław, you just have to take a walk through the graduation tower’s crown, which offers a beautiful panorama of the city. You can also visit the Brine Park with gardens, a beach and routes for walkers and bicyclists.

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