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What should you see in Sopot?

Sopot is – without a doubt – one of the most beautiful Polish seaside resorts. It is a pleasure to visit not only for Polish, but also foreign tourists. This city is renowned not only for its Forest Opera Festival, organized constantly since 1961, but also for the famous Sopot pier.
Besides the local, charming beaches, we can also find a whole lot of gorgeous places, that everyone should visit at least once during their lives. The following is a list of the most interesting attractions that you should check out. These are some of the more or less known places in Sopot.

The pier and its surroundings
The pier is the longest promenade of its type alongside the entire Baltic Sea. Most recently it was also named after John Paul II. The walking part extends to the length of exactly 511,5 meters, of which the vast majority – 458 meters – goes deep into the Gdansk Gulf.
When asking random passers-by of the first thing that comes to mind, when they think of the city of Sopot, most of them give one answer – the pier.

The beach
The seaside is not only beautiful monuments and attractions of a specific city, but also beautiful beaches with plenty of sand and tourists, especially in the season of tourist peak between june and september. With a bit of luck, and at the proper time, you might get a chance to spot a grey seal. Fishermen, can also try some fishing (by permission, of course) and catch herring, a western sturgeon, a sprat, a salmon, a sea trout, a cod, a turbot and a storn. Apart from that, you can also just relax while sunbathing or refresh while swimming in the sea.

Monte Cassino
You can get to the Main Market Square by walking down the nice passage, which has shops and restaurants on both sides. The pubs seemed to be full. Here you can see street performers.

The Crooked House
The tourists often also visit the Crooked House, located by Bohaterow Monte Cassino street. Not only because it is currently part of the „Resident” shopping centre. The creation of this building drew inspiration from drawings by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

The fisherman’s harbor
We have walked several hundreds of meters from the pier to the fisherman’s harbor. After eating lunch in a seaside bar, we went back, passing colorful fishermen’s boatspulled out into the beach. It is quite a pretty place. Here you can also find restaurants, where you can eat delicious fish.

The Lighthouse
While visitng any seaside city during our trips, we cannot miss the local old, yet beautifully preserved lighthouses. To this day, the lighthouse in Sopot is a navigation sign at the Baltic Sea. The observation tower of the lighthouse is avialable for all tourists to visit.

The fountain
Another great thing is the nearby fountain with brine water, 4,5% of which is bromide and iodide. The water is pumped fromthe St. Wojciech Fountain.

The Forest Opera.
One of the things that you mustn’t miss during your tour is the Forest Opera, located in this place since 1909. The whole object takes the surface of about 4 hectares, which makes a really huge impression on guests. It is delightful not only thanks to its size, but also its incredible acoustics.

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