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What should you see in Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie is a seaside spa town and the furthest to the north-west Polish city. It is the only city in the contry to be located on 3 large islands – Uznam, Wolin and Karsibor, as well as multiple smaller islands. It also has a lot of interesting tourist attractions. Here a few places that you should definitely visit while going to Swinoujscie

The fishery museum
The fishery museum is located in the former town hall. It is the oldest building in the city, being built between 1804 and 1806. Here we can admire monuments of the animals living in the seas and oceans, tools useful for fishing and models of fishing boats.

The ferry ride between Karsibor and Swinoujscie
If you’re looking for as pleasant way to travel to Swinoujscie from Karsibor, you can get on a ferry.
This is one of the two places that allows you to get to the city centre. It is also an incredible story of Bolek the dog, which was abandoned by his owner by one side of the ferry ride. For years, the dog was waiting for his „master” to come back, eventually the ferry ride became his home. The difficutl story of Bolek was commemorated by citizens with an information sign.

The Wolin underground towm
This is a top secret, underground commanding position. Created by 5 giant shelters connected with 1 kilometer of corridors.
The History of the undergorund town began in the 1930. To efficiently defend the Kreigsmarine sea groundwork, the german headquarters decided a battery of the coastal artillery, which was supposed to be equiped with 15 centimeter guns.
Since 1941 the Vinet battery was an object, where the Kriegsmarine land gunners were trained.
In the 1950s, a decision was made to change the battery into an extra commanding office for the highest government of the Polish army.

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