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What to see in Katowice

The multicultural capital of Upper Silesia has been refreshening its image in recent years, becoming a more and more frequent tourist destination for both Polish and foreign travelers.

  1. The National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio.
    What should you see in Katowice, or rather, what should you listen to? The history of this orchestra, which is considered one of the best orchestras in the country, reaches back to the interwar period. After nearly 80 successful years, the orchestra got a brand new, modern building. Its acoustics were created by, among others, Yasuhisa Toyota, who is the master of his job.
  2. Nikiszowiec
    The former, industrial district of Katowice has been revived in recent years and attracts both citizens and newcomers with its enchanted mysteries and industrial climate. Its origins reach back to the early 20th century, when the German syndicate built a district for miners. Its name, „Nikisz” comes from the shaft, which used to be part of the local mine known as „Giesche” Some of the places, that deserve special attention, include the post building, as well as the 19th-century Wilson Glass Gallery.
  3. The Katowice Market Square
    The Market Square in Katowice is completely different than the market squares in other old Polish cities. Its buildings were created since the 19th century, but but many of them were demolished during the PRL period. Anyone, who was travelling around Poland and saw its other Old Towns, might also be surprised by a network of tram rails, which cut it in half. But the Katowice Market Square is the most surprising in the summer time, when it looks like a promenade of a mediterranean resort because its palms and sunbeds.
  4. The Saucer
    The entertainment and sport arena known as „The Saucer” has been a symbol of Katowice for years and is probably the most unique building building in the city. In the 1960s and 1970s, its construction was a worldwide sensation. It was based on the tensegrita conception, which assumed that the elements of the buildings would support each other.
  5. The Cathedral of Christ the King
    What do Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Katowice Archcathedral of Christ the King have in common? They were both built over an extremely long time period. But the difference between them is that the second building was successfully finished, while there are still cranes over the first one. The Polis church, that we are talking about, is a mighty, bright building created in style that is very close to classicist.
  6. The Trzy Stawy Valley
    A green oasis with frogs and beaches in the middle of the city – this is only possible in Katowice. The park, which is called „Sztauwajery” by Silesian people, is located nearby the Muchowiec airport, which is very useful to the Silesian Aeroclub.

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