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What to see in Polesie Lubelskie

Polesie Lubelskie is one of the smallest regions in Poland, although technically it is quite large, reaching to the middle of Ukraine and the other end of Belarus. This is a legendary area,
already described by Herodot as „The Newar Sea” – a mysterious, swampy land, inhabited by a tribe of Newar people. This is a perfect place to relax if you’re a nervous person. There is probably no better place to calm your nerves while being surrounded by nature. Here are a few interesting places you should visit in this region:

Wlodawa – multiculturalism in a nutshell.
In a sense, this is the capital city of this small region. It is a city of three religions and many cultures – Catholics, Orthodox and Jews. Thanks to its multicultural history it could have a chance to become a travel destination for many tourists. Meanwhile, it’s a bit empty and sad inside, many buildings are neglected and left to themselves. But its nostalgic climate is disturbed once a year thanks to an interesting event – the Festival of Three Cultures.

An open-air museum in Hola
This place might be modest and small, but ti is actually very charming. It is quite easy to find, because it is located in front of a blue, 18th-century church. Right by the street there is a fence, inviting tourist to come inside, where you can find a wooden house covered in shingle, a windmill, a crane for gathering water and several other objects, which were very useful in the former Polesie countryside.
The best time to come to Hola is the last Sunday in July, when the „Hola Market” takes place – it’s a connection of an Orthodox celebration and the presentation of culture and folk tradition of the region.

Różanka and the valley of Bug
Formerly a magnate city, and currently a village, picturesquely located upon the river Bug. Here, you can find remaining of a palace and grange complex. There used to be an impressive
french-typed park attached to the palace. This place was visited by, among others, Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz.

This is a typical summer vacation village, located upon the Biale Lake. It has many things to offer for typical tourists. You might want to stop here for a few days if you want to relax on the beach, swim in the lake and take part in disco parties.

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