Where to go mushroom picking in Poland ?

Who doesn’t like mushrooms? An icon of Poland and its cuisine is mushrooms in sour cream, i excellent sauces, rabbit stew, Christmas mushroom soup and stuffing for croquettes and dumplings. Where can we find the first boletes, chanterelle mushroms and butter mushrooms?

As of late september 2020, you can already find first mushrooms. And many tourists can surely confirm it. Most of the mushrooms that can be found are chanterelle mushrooms. But others, such as boletes, can have worms in them. Although the largest showers of mushrooms won’t appear until autumn really arrives, that doesn’t mean we’ll come back with empty hands.

„What we can observe right now is most likely the early beginning of the main autumn mushroom season. In the places where it already began, it will be muffled by rain-free weather in the upcoming dozen of days and intensive mushroom picking. As for the regions where nothing is happening yet, their great mushroom hour is set to begin in the last days of september, and more certainly in october. Currently the long-term forecasts are positive.”

How to look for mushrooms?
Under spruce and pine trees we should look for boletes, while butter mushrooms like to grow under pines and larch trees, especiasly young ones.

Chanterelles can be found under spruce and pine trees, but sometimes also under leafy trees, such as oaks and beeches. If we’re lucky enough, we can find wild champignons in forest meadows, and in well-lit places we can find the czubajka kite.

Stay away from highly poisonous mushrooms, like the death cap! They have gills under their hats.

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