Why should you visit Lublin?

Before the war, Lublin was a famous trading town, and a centre of trade between Poland and Lithuania, as well as other countries.
This city is full of unique monuments, romantic corners, and narrow yet charming streets, which still remember the old times very well.

Lublin might not be the most popular destination for weekend trips, but with only takes one visit to be absolutely delighted with this place. Here are some places that are obligatory for any tourist to check out while visiting this city:

The fairytale backyard of the House of Words
At 17 Królewska Street there is a gate, which will allow you to enter the magical world of the society of the House of Words. It is a printing museum and a place that educates about the printed word. Each year, the employees of the museum, along with the people living in local stonehouses and volunteers, create a gallery based on a different fairytale or book. The backyard transformed into the world of such timeless characters, as The Little Prince, thge Moomins, and Alice in Wonderland. And most recently, the gate was leading into the world of „The Wizard of Oz”.

Stonehouses with photos in the windows.
In 2010, in one of the local stonehouses, nearly 2000 old photos were found after developing these photos, they turned out to be the portraits of citizsens of Lublin from the interwar period. The goverment decided to take advantage of this discovery in a creative way – the black and white photos were placed in the windows of old stonehouses. That way, the photos and the mix of old and new stonehouses give a feeling of past meeting present in Lublin.

The stonehouse with the Devil’s Paw
This stonehouse is strictly associated to the legend of the Devil’s Paw. It tells the story of a court case, which took place in the crown tribunal, located in the middle of the Market Square. The two sides in the arguement were a rich magnate and a poor widow. The richman bribed the judges and won the case, and the desperate widow shouted „If the devil was the judge, they would give a more righteous judgment. Her shout was heard, and at night, at the Tribunale, the devil came. He gave his righteous judgment, which was sealed with a burned pawprint in a table. Some people say that this pawprint can still be seen in the castle museum.

The Bad Luck Executioner’s Rock
At the corner of Jezuicka and Gruell streets there is a rock, which might have been the place, where a local executioner killed criminals and sometimes even innocent people. It has been said that this rock brings bad luck to anyone who touches it.

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