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Wigry National Park

Suwalszczyzna si a region that might be associated by most people with the cold pole. This is the arriving place of the first glaciation, known as the podlaskie glaciation. It was followed by three more glaciations, whuch covered a much bigger part of the modern territory of our country. Suwalszczyzna can also be described as the land of the low mountains. It is an area located at the height of about 150-200 meters above the sea level, divesified with hills and deep valleys, part of which is filled with lake waters.

The Wigry National Park, which was established in 1989, covers the southern areas of Eastern Suwałki Lake District and the northern part of the Augustów Plain. Within the borders of the park, 42 natural lakes are situated.

On the outskirts of the National Park, numerous villages are located, which became popular summer vacation resorts in the last 20 years. Gawrych Ruda and Płociczno are two villages in the neighborhood of the south-west end of Lake Wigry. It would be difficult to separate the borders of these two villages, if it weren’t for the information board announcing the end of one and the beginning of the other.

Since a long time, this part of Suwalszczyzna was a popular, quiet summe resort. Here, we can encounter sailors, tempted by the wild beauty and the extensive waters. In the swimming area you can swim in the incredibly clear and, unfortunately, quite cold waters, or play volleyball.

Another great attraction is the possibility to ridec a monumental, renovated fragment of the Wigry Forest Railway from Płociczno through the western part of the Wigry National Park.

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