Wolf’s Lair

At the very heart of Masuria you can find the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s main quarter, overgrown with forest – Wolf’s Lair. The masked town in the woods – 200 buildings: shelters, barracks, two airports, a power station, a train station, air-conditioning devices, water supply, heating plants, two teletype switchboards.
In 1944, over 2000 people lived here. On July 20th 1944, colonel
count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg made an unsuccessful assassination on Adolf Hitler.
This is the place, where decisions were made about the use of the prisoners in German arms industry as well as the building of new concentration camps. Here, the plan of building the
1000-year Reich was brought to life. Here, criminal decisions about the fates of many European nations were made.
This was the home and working of, among others: Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Keitel, Joseph Goebbels. Dr Fritz Todt, Albert Speer and others.

Hitler came to Wolf’s Lair along with his company on June 24th 1941. He spent more than 800 days here. The life of all the citizens of the quarter was centered around him.
In 1944 the quarter was enhabited by more than 2000 people.

The decision of building the quarter was made in the fall of 1940. The location of the quarter in this place was chosen based on the following indulgence: the Ketrzynski forest was not far from the border with the Soviet Union. It had a huge psychological impact (Barbaross’ plan anticipated an attack against the Soviet Union). The East Prussia was one of the most fortified circles of the Third Reich. In its area, there were many fortresses (Gizycko, Torun, Klajpeda, Pilawa) and the so-called strengthened areas with anti-tank trenches and entanglements from barbed wire.

In october 1944, the Red Army troops came to the border of Eastern Prussia. That’s why on November 20th 1944 the main quarter was relocated to Zossen, nearby Berlin. Two days later, an order was announced to destroy Wolf’s Lair. It was realized at night from January 24th to 25th 1945. Mighty concrete bricks flew into the air at the distance of 20-30 meters.

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