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Zielona Gora

Zielona Gora always had a gentle climate, which is why it was famous for growing vinegrapes and producing wine for at least 700 years. The first record about cultivating vinegrapes in this place goes back to 1314. In 1800 there were already more than 2000 vineyards, covering a total surface of 700 hectares.
But the vineyards aren’t the only interesting thing to be found in Zielona Gora. If you’re wondering what should you visit in this city, here are a few ideas:

The Church Dedicated to the Mother of God.
At the Powstancow Wielkopolskich Square there is a half-timbered church, which used to be part of the „Christ’s Garden” Lutheran Collection. This church was built between 1746 and 1748. Because of its original baroque-rococo equipment from the mid-18th century it is the most precious monumental temple in Zielona Gora.

The Lubuskie Land Museum
While you’re visiting the Lubuskie Land Museum, you should also visit the Wine Museum, which is thew only one in the country. It holds a collection of tools and machines to cultivating vinegrapes and the production of wine which were used fropm the 17th to the 20th century.

The Etnographic Museum
At the area of approximately 13 hectares there is a collection of 30 wooden and brick cottages from the eastern Luzyce, the Lower Silesia, the Lubuskie Land and western Greater Poland. The oldest object, which dates back to 1675, is the Potrzebowo cottage. Another great attraction of the Etnographic Museum are time-limited presentations of ancient farm activities, such as cooking local foods as well as creating Easter Eggs and Christmas decorations.

The Nature Centre of the Kepler Science Centre
The permanent exhibit of the Nature Centre consists of 34 interactive sets with various branches ofscience: pyhysics, biology, social studies and earth science. The artefacts allow to actively explore a series nature natural phenomena, they inspire provocate questions and seeking answers to questions.

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