Warsaw: Regular Tour to Auschwitz – Birkenau

Take part in our Group Tour to Auschwitz which starts from the centrally located meeting point in Warsaw (Marriott Centre Hotel). Our driver will pick you up in the morning and drive you to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp Museum . On site you will join guided tour which last 3,5 hours. After sightseeing you will come back to Warsaw in the same vehicle. This is the cheapest way to visit Auschwitz in one day tour from Warsaw

During the tour you will see:

Auschwitz Concentration Camp – established by German Nazis on the outskirts of the town Oswiecim in 1940 this camp is considered by many as hell on earth. When the war was over, the camp was turned into a museum. The place, where people were killed was known under several names, such as Block no. 11, the Death Block, or the „Wall of Death”. Nearby the camp visitors can find a gas chamber, where 70000 people were slaughtered between 1940 and 1943. After the liberation of the camp, a movie was made, which is shown in various languages in the museum. As if one German concentration camp wasn’t awful enough, the Nazis decided to establish another one called Auschwitz Birkenau II the following year., where approximately 1.5 million people lived and died between 1942 and 1945. About 90% of these people were Jews, and others included Poles, Gypsies, Russians amd prisoners from 28 countries of Europe, people of any possible nationality, or political or religious persuasion. Beginning in 1944, transports of prisoners from all over the continent went inside the camp directly through the „Gate of Death”. In 1979, Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp was announced a UNESCO World Culture and National Heritage Site.

Tour Itinerary

  1. Morning pick up from centrally located meeting point – in front of entrance to Marriott Centre Hotel
  2. 4 hours and 30 minutes driving by air-conditioned vehicle to Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum
  3. Joining Official Auschwitz Birkenau Guided Tour – up to 3,5 hours
  4. Driving back to Warsaw in the same vehicle
  5. Drop off in Warsaw

Price: 400 PLN per person

Price includes:

  • transport by high quality air-conditioned minivans or minibus
  • departure from meeting point in the centre of Warsaw (in front of entrance to Marriott Centre Hotel)
  • sightseeing of Auschwitz & Birkenau in a group with an English speaking guide of up to 3,5 hours
  • english speaking driver assistance
  • entrance tickets to Auschwitz & Birkenau Camps
  • skip the line entrance

* Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

The whole tour lasts up to 13 hours

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Can you visit Auschwitz in one day from Warsaw?

Yes, you can visit Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp in one day tour from Warsaw. Our company offers you the widest choice on the market of many different options on how this tour could be organized. It is always full day tour because of the long distance between Warsaw and Auschwitz

How far is Auschwitz from Warsaw ?

Auschwitz is located about 320 km from the city of Warsaw. One way driving takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes to get there .

How long before the tour do I have to book Auschiwtz Tour from Warsaw ?

Because of to frequent problems with availability of guides in Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, please contact us as early as possible before your would like to go to Auschwitz so we can make all necessary arrangements for you.

Before you go to Auschwitz you need to know.

You are not allowed to enter the museum in Auschwitz with any food (drinks, sandwiches etc.) however you can leave everything in the car/mini-van/bus which will be closed during your visit in the museum; You are not allowed to enter the museum with bags bigger than A4 sheet size so you can leave them in the left-luggage office (an extra pay) or leave in the car/mini-van/bus. During security control you must declare all the electronic items, watches, belts, keys just like in the airport. To avoid any delay you will need your collaboration.

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