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Krakow: Tour to Zalipie Village

Zalipie, a small rural village in south-eastern Poland, is famous for being one of the most unique villages in Poland. Some say it is also the prettiest one. Undoubtedly, it is a colorful and charmful place, famous for a local custom of painting the cottages with decorative motifs. Years ago, when the huts were poor and their walls were covered with soot from the stove, it was decided to decorate dirty and darkened interiors (firstly with only white paint). Later, colorful decorations appeared. Felicja Curylowa is considered to be the propagator of this art of decoration (museum of her is must see during the visit). Colorful decorations have become a local tradition and the hallmark of Zalipie. Over the last few years, this tiny town near Tarnow has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Poland and it is frequently visited by foreign tourists.

We offer private tours to the village of Zalipie from Krakow on request.

Tour itinerary:

  1. hotel pick up at chosen time
  2. around 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Krakow to Zalipie by private car/van accompanied by english speaking driver
  3. up to 2 hours of self walking tour around Zalipie during which you will be able to see:
  • Painter’s House, a local community center where workshops and meetings are organized; currently, around seven women work here every day,
  • Felicja Curylowa’s homestead, the most important building in the entire Zalipie, a branch of the District Museum of Tarnow, in the past Curylowa was a painter of the interior of the Wierzynek restaurant in Krakow and the dining room on the MS Batory cruise ship; sightseeing of her decorated cottage is included,
  • the parish church of Saint Joseph, quite atypical church filled with characteristic decorations,
  • numerous, richly decorated buildings in Zalipie. All of them are inhabited:
  • historic smithy and agritourism farm “Goscina u Babci”, Lucyna Lata’s homestead,
  • A farm like from a fairy tale by Janina Kruk, so-called the Regional Chamber of Trends from the Past, Danuta’s flower farm, Janeczkowo – Zofia Janeczek’s farm,
  • Painted Teddy Bear – Boguslawa Mis homestead, Colorful Hive – Halina Lelek’s homestead and many more

4. around 1 hour and 30 minutes drive back from Zalipie to Krakow
5. your hotel drop off in Krakow

Whole tour lasts approximately 5 hours.


  • 720 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 390 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 270 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 220 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • 180 PLN per person (5 persons)
  • 160 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • 140 PLN per person (7 persons)
  • Contact us (8 persons or more)

What is included?:

  • hotel pick up at chosen time and hotel drop off after the tour,
  • comfortable, air-conditioned, private transportation,
  • up to 2 hours of self walking tour around Zalipie village,
  • entrance tickets to the Felicja Curylowa’s homestead

*Felicja Curylowa’s homestead is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

*additional service of private professional guide in chosen language (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian) who would conduct guided tour in Zalipie instead of self-guided tour would cost extra 500 PLN per guide

*some languages may be subject to availability and prices can vary

Choose number of participants


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Customer Reviews

  1. (5/5)

    The Zalipie tour from Krakow revealed a hidden artistic gem that left me awe-inspired. The village’s painted houses were a testament to the creativity and talent of the local community.

  2. (5/5)

    My tour to Zalipie from Krakow was an absolute delight! The village is renowned for its beautifully painted houses, and it truly lived up to its reputation. The vibrant colors and intricate floral designs on every building were a visual feast for the eyes. Our knowledgeable guide shared fascinating stories about the origins of this unique folk art tradition.

  3. (5/5)

    The village is home to a beautiful place that showcases the tradition of flower paintings.

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