Wroclaw: Moszna Castle Tour

If you like to admire impressive architecture, you should visit one of the pearls of Polands castles – the Moszna Castle which is located not so far from Wroclaw. We are sure that Walt Disney or Harry Potter fans will be thrilled since it reminds Hogwart or one of the castles from a fairy tale. It has been built in the 18th century as a baroque palace. After a fire which broke out in 1896, the family which was currently living here – the Tiele-Winckler family – renovated it and gave it a new shape. The eastern part is built in the neo-Gothic style and the west wing in the Neo-Renasissance style. It has 99 towers and 365 rooms inside.

The castle luckily avoided destruction during World War II, a hospital was here at this time. Once the war ended in 1945, the Soviet army troops occupied it. Unfortunately, most of the eqipment inside was damaged, the works of art such as paintings and sculptures were taken away. Later on during the years, the Moszna castle was the headquarters of different institutes but today, since 2013, a hotel and restaurant are located here.

Nowadays, the castle is available only for tourists and it is a center of various cultural events. It is possible to visit it on your own or with an English-speaking guide who will companion you during the route among the historic dining room, cafe, conservatory, ballroom, chapel and in the meantime will share with the secret stories and legends. It is also possible to explore two of the largest towers once the tour finishes. The view from the top of the castle is wonderful, especially when there are good weather conditions. We are sure that you will not regret joining this tour!

Duration: 4 hours

Tour itinerary:

  • pick up from your hotel,
  • transport from Wroclaw to the Moszna Castle (1,5h)
  • visiting the castle (1 h)
  • transfer back to Wroclaw (1,5 h)
  • drop off at your hotel


  • 1 person – 800 PLN
  • 2 persons – 450 PLN per person
  • 3 persons – 350 PLN per person
  • 4 persons – 280 PLN per person
  • 5 persons – 250 PLN per person
  • 6 persons – 230 PLN per person
  • 7 persons – 210 PLN per person
  • 8 persons – 200 PLN per person

The prices include:

  • pick up from your hotel,
  • private transport,
  • an English-speaking drivers assistance,
  • entrance tickets to the castle for the English tour,
  • drop off at your hotel

*If you would be interested in visiting the towers with the guide, the additional cost will be 12 PLN / per person.

*Two times a year – during spring and autumn – there is a special convention organized for fans of the “The Witcher” where you can try on the dresses, have a sword fight and feel like one of the characters from the book. If you would be interested, please kindly contact us and we will send you all the additional information.

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