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Gdansk: Football Tour & Match

Are you an avid football fan exploring Gdansk with a deep passion for the game? Dive into the authentic football culture of the city by arranging a friendly match with one of its lively football teams! Gdansk, renowned for its robust sporting spirit, provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the community through the universal language of football.

  1. Friendly Match with local team

Round up your friends or fellow travelers for a remarkable experience on the field. Whether you’re a seasoned team or simply seeking a laid-back game, Gdansk’s local football scene warmly welcomes enthusiasts of all skill levels. Picture yourself playing against an enthusiastic local team, sharing skills, and forging enduring memories amidst the vibrant backdrop of this dynamic city. After the game in the friendly atmosphere, there is also a possibility to organize a grill with some beers together with local players.

  1. Football Tour with a visit to Stadium of Lechia Gdansk

We can also organize a special football tour for you during which you can visit an iconic Stadium of Lechia Gdansk – the most famous local football club. Its great history can also be admired in the Lechia Gdansk Museum which we can also visit during our unique tour with an English speaking guide.

  1. Lechia Gdansk Ekstraklasa League match

Additionally, for a genuine football encounter, seize the opportunity to experience the energy of a live Lechia Gdansk Ekstraklasa League match. Immerse yourself in the passion of the crowd, sense the adrenaline, and cheer for the “Bialo-Zieloni” (the White-Greens), as Lechia Gdansk is affectionately known. We can facilitate tickets, transportation, as well as a local English-speaking assistant/tour guide.

Prices: Please contact us for more details and prices.

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