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Krakow: City Game

Krakow, renowned for its captivating charm, stands as a sought-after destination for hosting corporate meetings, conferences, and incentive programs. We take pride in presenting an array of thematic city games in Krakow, ensuring a remarkable experience during your visit to our city and an enjoyable means of bonding with your group. Our flexibility extends to tailoring each program to your unique requirements and expectations. In the absence of a specific concept, we are delighted to suggest some of our most popular scenarios. If you are in search of a local agency in Krakow to facilitate the organization of a team-building activity that fosters collaboration, enjoyment, and camaraderie among participants, your quest ends here with the finest choice.

Embark on a journey through the cityscape, tackle diverse challenges, uncover hidden treasures, and, of course, exert every effort to claim the top spot in our exhilarating city game – “SHADOW RUN.”

Sample Game Scenario:

The preeminent spy network in Krakow finds itself besieged by influential figures seeking to curtail its operations and expand their own influence. Agents are mandated to vacate the city or confront severe repercussions, prompting them to seek refuge in the shadows. In this critical moment, they turn to you – the covert and highly skilled operatives renowned as Shadow Runners.

Can you rise to the occasion, rescue the day, and secure the everlasting gratitude and allegiance of this formidable spy ring? The challenge awaits, and the clandestine world beckons your expertise.

Key Features:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Minimum Participants: 2-3 people (no maximum limit). We have already run such games for groups of up to 150 people!
  • Ideal for friends, families, stag/hen groups, and corporate teams
  • Customizable scenarios based on preferences and group size

Price: Starting from 70 PLN per person, the exact price depends on the number of participants and the chosen game scenario. Contact us for detailed pricing and tailored experiences.

Why choose our city games?

  • Tailored programs to meet your group’s needs and expectations.
  • Explore the city, complete tasks, and engage in team-building activities.
  • Unique scenarios for a memorable and immersive experience.
  • Suitable for various group sizes and occasions.

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