Krakow: Husky Ride

Have you ever wanted to spend time in a forest in the mountains where there is only peace and silence around and time stops for a while? We can take you to a small village near Zakopane and let you feel like in a winter wonderland where you can cherish the moment in pure nature with stunning landscapes. You will be able to do this during the Husky ride which is a popular activity in this region. It will be a ride on a sled pulled by these friendly, beautiful and wise dogs. It is a lot of fun for everybody, especially for children. During the ride you will have the chance to expand your knowledge about dog sledding and the dogs themselves. You can either choose a shorter or longer ride and require a bonfire with a feast as soon as it ends. We guarantee that this will be a very pleasant experience which you will not forget!

Important info: On one sleigh there can be one adult, an adult with a child or two children which total weight does not exceed 100 kg.

*In the holiday season between December 24rd – January 6nd the prices will increase and the availability will be limited.

It is possible that in case of bad weather conditions or lack of snow, the activity can be cancelled.

Option 1 – short rides 2-3 km

  • 1 pax – 1350 PLN total
  • 2 pax – 675 PLN per person
  • 3 pax – 600 PLN per person
  • 4 pax – 560 PLN per person
  • 5 pax – 510 PLN per person
  • 6 pax – 490 PLN per person

Option 2 (1 long ride 5 km)

  • 1 pax – 1350 PLN total
  • 2 pax – 1000 PLN per person
  • 3 pax – 890 PLN per person
  • 4 pax – 830 PLN per person

*In case the group counts more than 4 people, it is not possible to organize long rides. As an alternative, it is possible to book the shorter rides or dog sledding on a track combined with a bonfire in an Indian tipi.

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