Indoor Paintball in Krakow

Wanna play Paintball in Krakow ? All right lads BUT before you roll up your sleeves and proceed to you Krakow paintball war, there are 5 basic rules you must get acquainted with.

The rules were set by Dr Murphy and they do work !!


  • Anything that can shoot you, will.
  • If there is one place where you absolutely do not want an enemy to be, he’ll be there.
  • When confronted with multiple people on your team to shoot at, all enemies will always pick you.
  • If you leave one inch of you exposed, a shot will hit that inch.
  • When you’re low on ammo, your enemies won’t be. When your enemies are low on ammo, so are you.

Make sure you learn these rules by heart as they not only may but will come in handy! And remember – Murphy was an optimist!

Our proposal for this activity includes:

  • transportation to the venue and back
  • english speaking guide’s assistance
  • professional instructors
  • professional indoor paintball arena reservation
  • uniform, mask and gloves rental
  • 200 bullets per person
  • different game scenarios

*there is a minimum of 8 persons for this activity

Price: 170 PLN per person

Choose number of participants and date:


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