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Krakow: Airsoft Gun Shooting

If you are looking for an exciting event with your friends and would like to try something new, join us for airsoft gun shooting. We will take you to a specially prepared area for playing in the forest which is an ideal place for this type of game. This activity reminds paintball but feels more realistic. You get the use of exact replicas of real guns such as the AK47, M4A1, G-36 and other weapons. The group is divided into teams to fight with each other like on a real battlefield and the whole game is animated with special scenarios. But watch out! These shots can really hurt! We guarantee a lot of fun and positive impressions.

Activity program:

  1. Pick up from your hotel in Krakow at chosen time
  2. A drive of approx. 40 minutes to the venue with a private vehicle and a private English speaking driver
  3. Meeting with an English speaking instructor
  4. Up to 3 hours of shooting
  5. Drive back to your hotel after the event (approx 40 minutes)
  6. Hotel drop off

Whole activity with transportation lasts up to 5 hours

Our proposal for this activity includes:

  • private transportation to the venue and back
  • Hotel pick up and hotel drop off after the activity
  • a private English-speaking driver’s assistance
  • a professional English-speaking instructor’s assistance
  • hats
  • sweatshirts and pants in Multicam / Woodland camouflage made of rip-stop material
  • protective glasses
  • protective steel masks
  • G36C / M4A1 / MP5 / AK47 replicas etc.
  • ammunition
  • the entrance ticket to to the ASG Arena


  • 250 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • 240 PLN per person (7 persons)
  • 230 PLN per person (8 persons)
  • 280 PLN per person (9 persons)
  • 270 PLN per person (10 persons)
  • 250 PLN per person (11-12 persons)
  • 240 PLN per person (13 persons)
  • 230 PLN per person (14-15 pax) 

Important information:

  • It is possible to participate in this activity all year round but it depends on the weather conditions. If it is too rainy and windy or hot, it will be canceled.
  • Participants which are underaged can take part in the event but must have the permission of their guardians. 

The best game is for groups counting at least 6 people. (it is too intense for smaller groups)

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