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Interesting events in Krakow – July 2022

Krakow is a very interesting city, full of historical monuments and exciting attractions. This city used to be the capital of Poland, and the headquarters of the country’s kings. Nowadays it is a lively city, which is very popular among tourists, not only from Poland, but also all around the world. Krakow gained its popularity in large part thanks to its countless events, which take place throughout the year. There are interesting events for practically anyone, regardless of what they are interested in. In this article you will be able to read about some of the most interesting events in Krakow in July 2022.

The Summeer Jazz Festival

There comes a time, when the musical life in Krakow gains momentum and becomes more attractive and exciting. In July, Krakow organizes the Summer Jazz Festival – a mighty musical event created by Witold Wnuk.

In 2022, there will be approximately 130 concerts (not including the events of the Jazz Night), which will take place in the Harris Piano Jazz Bar Club, the Manggha Museum and the Kijow Cinema.

Poland will be represented by artists of several generations, including veterans such as Henryk Miskiewicz, Marek Stryszowski, Lor Szafran and Stanislaw Soyka, as well as younger performers, such as Kasia Pietrzko the O.N.E. band, Szymon Mika and Mateusz Palka.

The Summer Cinema in MOCAK

Every year, during the summer vacation, the MOCAK Modern Art Museum in Krakow invites everyone for evening movie screenings. This year’s edition will be associated with the „Politics in Art” exhibit. The movies presented during this year’s Summer Cinema event will showcase the ways filmmakers present the politics as a cultural phenomenon.

Some of the movies that will be presented during the Summer Cinema event include

„Quo Vadis, Aida?” – about the war in Yugoslavia and the fragility of human life, „J’accuse” („Oficer i Szpieg”) – the best movie of Roman Polanski since „The Pianist”, based on the best-selling book by Robert Harris. „Sluzobnici” – a black detective story by Ivan Ostrochovsky, which takes place during the Cold War.

The Likeable Middle Ages

On every Saturday of the sumer vacation, there are numerous cultural and educational events at the Barbican, which allow visitors to learn all about the Middle Ages. These events include knight tournaments, medieval music concerts with lectures on musical instruments and field games associated with the history of the city and its legends.

Some of the events during the Likeable Middle Ages Festival include presentations of woodcuts, an educational trip around Krakow and its medieval monuments, a presentation of guild emblems of Krakow Tanners and many more.


EtnoKrakow is one of the most significant events of the etno stage and traditional music in Poland and Europe. Although it usually presents artists from Asia and Africa, this year’s edition is more focused on Ukrainian, Belorussian and Polish musical traditions.

Some of the highlights of this year’s edition of EtnoKrakow include performances by such artists as Drewo, Dakh Daughters, Mathias Muzaza with the Mokoomba group (Zimbabwe), Gatham Udupa Collective (India), Hajda Banda (Belarus/Poland) and many others.

Royal Opera Festival

Since its first edition in 2019, the concept of the Royal Opera Festival was based on the works of Gioacchino Rossini, which not only delight new generations but also allow to show classical music and its timeless values in a broader way. One of the consistently fulfilled goals of the festival is to introduce the public to lesser known pieces of music and forgotten artists. That’s why during this year’s edition participants will be able to hear three lesser known operas created by Rossini: „Adina”, „Armida” and „Hermiona”.

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