Polish Cuisine Restaurants in Krakow

One of the most interesting and unconventional ways to discover the culture and history of Poland is to try its local cuisine. In the city of Krakow, there are plenty of restaurants that serve regional Polish dishes. When it comes to Polish food, just the look or description of a certain dish can whet your appetite and make your mouth water. In this article, you will be able to read about various restaurants in Krakow, where you can enjoy a delectable Polish meal.

The „Wierzynek” restaurant

„Wierzynek” is a restaurant located in Krakow, at 16 Rynek Glowny, in the Morsztynowska stonehouse. It was established in 1945 by Kazimierz Ksiazek as the „Pod Wierzynkiem” restaurant.

The name of the restaurant refers to a townsman named Mikolaj Wierzynek and the feast that he threw in 1364 with the participation of emperor Karol IV of Luxembourg, Ludwik of Hungary and Kazimierz III Wielki, among others.

Currently, the restaurant is managed by Elzbieta Filipiak, th wife of Janusz Filipiak.

The bottom floor of the restaurant is occupied by a cafe. The first floor consists of four rooms:

the Clock Room, the Tatra Room (also known as the Imagination Chamber), the Column Room and the Wierzynek Room. Depending on the needs, these rooms can serve for restaurant or conference purposes, and they can also be dance rooms.

The „Pod Baranem” restaurant

The „Pod Baranem” restaurant is located in Krakow at 21 Swietej Gertrudy street. It was established in 1997 by an experienced cook named Jan Baran. Since it was first opened, it worked out an excellent opinion among its countless customers, many of which became its regular guests.

The thing that makes this restaurant special, apart from its cozy and comfortable interior and rich menu with dishes made with natural ingredients and verified recipes, is the staff!

Jan Baran, who is the founder and chef of the restaurant is an experienced cook and expert in culinary secrets. He is also very sociable and became a good friend of many guests. The things that makes this place stand out is the care to give any dish an unquotable taste.

The „Wesele” restaurant

The „Wesele” restaurant is located in Krakow, at 10 Rynek Glowny, in the most important tourist point of the city, not far from st. Mary’s Basilic and Sukiennice.

The restaurant can give access to as many as 200 seats for organized group and tours for a lunch or a fancy dinner. The staff can also prepare special services outside from the main menu and performances of musical and dancing groups in traditional Krakow costumes.

Apart from that, the restaurant can also organize celebration for special days of their guests in refined rooms at the 1st floor with the view at the Main Market Square in Krakow. The restaurant can organize parties for such occasions, as the Holy Communion, batism and anniversaries, which are prepared with attention to every single detail.

The „Trzy Gesi” restaurant

The „Trzy Gesi” restaurant is a brand new address at the culinary map of Krakow. It is situated at 7 Kupa street, not far from the famous Nowy Square. The restaurant refers to the rich culinary traditions of the region. This restaurantis a modern concept aimed at anyone looking not only for a stylish interior and comfortable, easy atmosphere, but also excellent, local cuisine.

It is the only restaurant in Krakow, and maybe even the only restaurant in Poland, which serves dishes based on goose meat. By doing this, the staff want to remind its customers of the beautiful and rich traditions of Polish cuisine. For centuries, this type of meat was present on the tables of our ancestors an can be found in both Polish and Jewish culinary culture.

The „Szara Ges” restaurant

The „Szara Ges” restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful stonehouses in Krakow, at 17 Rynek Glowny.
The interior of the restaurant was combined in a unique way with a monumental character of the buiding. The restaurant is set under the gothic cross vault, the keystones of which are full of symbols and hold mysterious traces of magnates from the past.

The purpose of the „Szara Ges” restaurant is to revive the Polish cuisine by combining the traditional and modern techniques of cooking. The staff brings out the full flavor of the prepared dishes, making its offered compositions truely unique.

The „Kogel Mogel” restaurant

In the close proximity to the Planty park in Krakow, at 12 Sienna street, thjere is „Kogel Mogel” – a one of a kind restaurant, in which the culinary art of Polish cuisine is presented from a completely different perspective. Here, where the interiors are full of embroidered Krakow cracknels and painted golden-feathered hen lay eggs of pure gold, guest can try traditional Polish dishes in brand new, unique arrangements.

The restaurant can organize occasional parties for such special events, as wedding parties, birthday parties, baptism and betrothals. It can also offer business meetings for up to 150 people. There are very few places nearby the Main Market Square in Krakow that can hold more guests.

The „Sasiedzi” restaurant

The Sasiedzi restaurant is located in Krakow, at 25 Miodowa street. It is located in the underground of the 19th century stonehouse in the Kazimierz district. Each room has a unique ornamentation, creating an atmosphere, that is impossible to find in any other restaurant. Here, visitors can find a place for a supper for two, a huge baptism party and a wedding dinner.

In the restaurant’s menu, guests can find dishes from traditional Polish cuisine, which delights gourmets with its richness everyday. Here, you can try flavors, which were commonly known at the tables of Galicia and are stil served today in the origninal, or in an reinterpreted way.

The „Miod Malina” restaurant

The „Miod Malina restaurant is located in Krakow, at 40 Grodzka street. It has existed for many years at the Royal Route in a representative stonehouse, which used to be known as the Stadnicki palace. Since the day, when the restaurant was first established, the staff wanted it to be the embodiment of excellent flavor and good taste. The people working in this restaurant are taking good care of these qualities every day, so that every guest wil feel special.

Because the staff of the restaurant believe that the quality and taste of their dishes are priority, they are cooperating with suppliers of regional products, as well as companies, which export Italian flavors to Krakow.

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