By-pass Implantation Surgery in Poland

Very important surgery for which many patients decide to travel to Poland is the by-pass surgery. Once you compare the prices in many European countries, you will convince yourself that they are very attractive. Poland can boast with its well-educated and experienced cardiologists which will definitely do their best to help you go through this quite complicated surgery. Very high quality service is guaranteed.

What are bypasses?

Heart bypass is a simplified name that means a cardiac coronary bypass surgery. It is used to restore adequate blood supply to the heart muscle. The operation involves establishing a connection between the coronary arteries and the main artery (aorta), bypassing them in such a way as to bypass coronary constriction. Heart bypass is used for various diseases, and a vein or an artery can serve as a bridge.

What does surgery look like?

It is necessary to use own vessels for proper bypass operation. Most often, the internal thoracic artery and the saphenous vein or artery radial. These vessels are collected during the procedure. The operation is performed under general anesthesia with mini access between the ribs or by cutting the sternum. It can be performed in two ways – on a beating heart or with the use of extracorporeal circulation (artificial heart-lung), i.e. by connecting it to an external apparatus. After the surgery, the patient is transferred to the postoperative department, where he stays for an average of 1 or 2 days. Then he is transferred to the Department of Cardiac Surgery for a few more days, depending on the state of health. The patient is monitored and the first elements of rehabilitation are also introduced

Who is qualified for this surgery?

Patients suffering with:

  • stenosis of the left main coronary artery,
  • three artery disease,
  • disease of two and one arteries, if the narrowing lesion covers the initial segment of the anterior descending branch.

How should I prepare for the operation:

  • 6 weeks before the surgery, vaccination against hepatitis B (infectious jaundice) should be made,
  • it is necessary to determine the blood group
  • basic tests should be performed: blood count, urinalysis, chest X-ray,
  • it is advisable to discontinue selected medications
  • the patient starts hospitalization the day before the procedure, because all preparation takes place in the ward.

How long does this surgery last?

It takes about 5 hours, although this time may be longer.

Will I feel anything during the surgery?

The operation of heart bypass implantation is performed under general anesthesia.

How to act after heart bypass surgery?

It is worth remembering that the patient does not regain full fitness after this surgery. There are a number of specific recommendations that should be followed:

  • patients are advised to give up harmful habits
  • rehabilitation – light but regular physical activity is very important
  • avoiding stressful situations and learning to deal with difficult emotions
  • providing an easily digestible, balanced diet – avoiding stimulants


Prices vary a lot depending on the patient’s individual health situation and chosen clinic. We will be very glad to provide you with quotation on your special request


In Poland we can offer you much better prices than you can get in most other European countries and maintain very high quality service at the same time.


We can help you find a proper clinic in Poland which would be best for you in terms of location, desired service and your individual situation. We can also recommend you a local, well-qualified, English-speaking cardiac surgeon and give you a direct contact so you can discuss details before making any arrangements. Once you decide to come to Poland for this surgery, we can also help you with:

  • booking accommodation located nearby the clinic
  • arranging private airport transfers with English speaking driver
  • organizing private transfers or assistance of our local English speaking employee to help you get from your hotel/apartment to the clinic and back
  • arranging any chosen city tour, activity or excursion during your stay in any bigger city in Poland – our agency has a widest choice of those kinds of services in Poland
  • booking entrance tickets to the museums, entertainment shows etc
  • booking tables in recommended restaurants

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