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Poland School group tours

Poland is a great destination for school groups looking for interesting study tours. Our country was the one where World War 2 started. It was here where Soviet communist system started to collapse and it was here where throughout the ages some many different cultures and nationalities met and influenced each other. Poland can be called one great battleground of Europe as thanks to its location in the centre of continent thousands of important battles took place on Polish territory. There are few countries in the world which would be so strongly connected with Vatican and supported Catholic church with such devotion. Sacral monuments are today important part of cultural heritage of the country.
Because of all the above, there are plenty of interesting study tour programs we can offer you in Poland. Most popular subjects are:
1)World War 2
There are plenty places to see in Krakow and in its surroundings. Jewish Quarter in Kazimierz, Schindler’s Factory, Plaszow concentration camp, walls of former Jewish Ghetto but first of all the most important concentration camp in Auschwitz & Birkenau (outside Krakow). Such a program could be enriched with a visit to world famous Salt Mine in Wieliczka, included on UNESCO World Heritage list.
Warsaw is also a great destination for such study tour. This city was much heavier destroyed during the war than Krakow. It was almost completely destroyed in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. There are many monuments and memorial places related with the history of German occupation.
Gdansk may be interesting place to visit as well. Simply because it was here at Westerplatte where first shots of World War 2 were fired on 1st September 1939.
2)Communist regime
Communist system oppressed Poland for more than 40 years. The fall of the regime started in 1980 when Solidarnosc union was founded in Gdansk. From simple union of workers it transformed quickly into nationwide movement. There are many places in Gdansk today which are related to history of Polish struggle against communism.
Nowa Huta (today district of Krakow) is a great example of communist central planning strategy. This city was founded in 1949 and built from scratch very quickly. In 1951 was incorporated into Krakow and its today’s population of 250,000 stands for nearly one third of Krakow’s population. Architecture of Nowa Huta is very specific and typical for communism style at the same time. Also visit to the Nowa Huta Steelworks of Tadeusz Sendzimir can be highly educational.
We can prepare tailor-made programs adjusted to educational needs of your school group. All you need to do is write to us and ask for more information.

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