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Best places for skiing in Zakopane and surroundings

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in winter. Every year, crowds of fans rush to the skiing resorts and slopes in the Polish mountains. Some of the most popular places for skiing can be found in the city of Zakopane, which is considered the winter-time capital of Poland. In the summer it is visited by amateurs of high mountain tourism, but in the winter it transforms into a paradise for fans of winter sports. There are plenty of ski resorts in Zakopane and surroundings. Anyone who comes here will definitely find the best place for them


Gubalowka is an elevation of the Gubalowskie Range. The ridges creating it have a leveled height, and the highest peak – Butorowy Wierch, is slightly elevated above its surroundings.

Gubalowka is also an excellent place for skiing. The skiing fields and routes are artificially snowed and partially illuminated. There are also numerous ski lifts. At Gubalowka there are many places where you can learn the basics of skiing or improve your skills with the help of qualified instructors. Because of all that, Gubalowka is an obligatory destination for both beginner and expert skiers.

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch is one of the most popular ski resorts in Poland. It is located at the peak and northern slopes of Kasprowy Wierch in the Polish part of the Western Tatras.

You can get to the top by riding the ropeway from Kuznice. After arriving at the intermediate station in Myslenickie Turnie you must get into the second wagon, which will take you to the upper station at the height of 1959 meters above the sea level. There are two skiing routes from Kasprowy Wierch – the Gasienicowa route and Groyczkowa route. There is also another route – Nartostrada Goryczkowa, which runs all the way to Kuznice and is relatively easy.

The Szymoszkowa Glade

The Szymoszkowa Glade ski station stands out with the amazing views at the panorama of the Tatra Mountains. It offers plenty of facilities for amateurs of winter sports, including two cableways, one of which has large, 6-person seats with a dome protecting passengers from snow and rain.

The skiing route with the length of more than 1300 meters is dedicated to more avanced skiers, but there is also a route for beginners with the length of roughly 400 meters, which begins in the middle of the slope. At the area of this ski station you can rent skiing equipment, as well as snowshoes and a sled. There is also a special place for children – Kids Park Szymoszkowa.

The Nosal Ski Centre

The Nosal Ski Centre is a ski station located in Zakopane, at the northern slope of Nosal. The first skiing route at Nosal was created in 1953. Between 1956 and 1957, a ski lift was created here, which was reconstructed betwen 1966 and 1967. This ski station is famous for its legendary „K” route, which is considered the most difficult slalom course in Poland. At the first 200 meters the tilt of this route is more than 37%. The only route with a larger tilt is the upper fragment of the FIS route of the SkiArena at Szrenica. Other objects available in the Nosal Ski Centre are the „Strama” skiing school, a winter equipment rental and a regional inn called „Nosal”.

The Harenda Ski Centre

The Harenda Ski Centre is located at the Harenda Estate in the town of Zakopane. It is a winter sport station with a complex of lifts, skiing routes, a skiing school and a winter equipment rental. The Harenda Ski Centre is known for organizing many interesting sport events. Harenda is located at the height of 770 meters above the sea level and is bordered by the ridge of Gubalowka from the north-west side. The cableway rides from the Harenda estate to the peak of Rafaczowka. Apart from that, there are plenty of cultural and entertainment events both in summer and in winter.


The Rusin-ski statuion, located at Wierch Rusinski in Bukowina Tatrzanska attracts skiers with excellent conditions for fun nin the snow. This ski station has a 4-person chairlift and two T-bar lifts. The slopes are in perfect conditions – artificially snowed and illuminated. The routes are located at the northern slopes, which causes the snow to stay here almost until the end of spring.

The main skiing route is 800 meters long, and thansk to the width of roughly 150 meters, skiers can feel perfectly safe on this slope. The training lift for beginners is separated rom the main route.

Bialka Taatrzanska-Kotelnica

Bialka-Tatrzanska-Kotelnica is a complex of two ski stations – Kotelnica and Bania, which work together to create one of the largest and most popular skiing complexes in Poland. The total length of skiing routes is 14 kilometers. Most of them are relatively easy. For more experienced skiers there are interesting routes at Kotelnica Bialiczanska and Jankulakowski Wierch. Meanwhile, beginners and families with children can go to the more gentle slopes of Bania.

In this ski centre you can also rent skiing equipment and take advice from professinoal instructors, as well as have some delicious food and a warm drink.


Olczan-SKI in Bukowina Tatrzanska isc a complex of 4 ski lifts, which includes a chairlift and three T-bar lifts. The slopes are artificially snowed and illuminated. They are perfect for both experienced and beginner skiers.

This ski centre also has some places to enjoy a tasty meal, an equipment rental and skiing schools with qualified instructors. Olczan-SKI also has Poland’s first Jakub Ilewicz training centre and HS Hodorowicz Sport snowboarding school. The routes are prepared with great care every day, and next to the chairlift there is a parking lot for 40 cars.

Bachledova Valley

SKI Bachledova Valley is a skiing region located in Slovakia, between Spisska Magura and Tatry Bielskie. The area is located 15 kilometers away from Lysa Polana and divided into two parts:

The first part is a ski lift with the blue skiing route located at the western slope of the mountain. The second part os a complex of routes and lifts located at the south-east slope.

For cross-country skiers there are more than 20 kilometers of specially prepared routes, which can bew found at the ridge of the mountain, in the valley and in close proximity to a nearby lake.

Orava Snow

The Orava Snow ski resort is located in Oravska Lesna, at the border between Poland and Slovakia. This ski resort has a 4-person chairlift prooduced by the Dopppelmayr company.

Oravska Lesna is the coldest valley in Slovakia. In winter it is always covered in snow, which stays here all the way until mid-may. Orava Snow has a huge offer of diverse, perfectly maintained skiing routes, where you can test your skills without worrying about narrowness. Here you can also admire the pristine nature of the Orava region from one of the observation points located at two peaks of the local mountain chain.

Tatrzanska Lomnica

The Tatrzanska Lomnica ski resort is the highest located object of its type in Slovakia. Guest can enjoy perfectly prepared routes, with diverse difficulty levels. The routes offer excellent conditions for both beginner and advanced skiers. Thanks to the recent investments, which focused on constructing and modernizing the skiing infrastructure, the entire region of the High Tatras has gained an Alipne standard. Some of the most significant changes include the opening of a new, 15-person gondola lift, which will replace the older chairlift from 1995, and the addition of two new routes.

Male Ciche

The Male Ciche ski station is located in the village of Male Ciche, at the western slopes of the ridge between Wierch Zgorzelisko and Zadni Wierch.

The complex has several facilities, including the „Zgorzelisko-Express” 4-person chairlift with the length of 1250 meters, the „Male Ciche” 4-person chairlift with the length of 750 meters and 3 plate lifts. The Male Ciche ski station is illuminated and covered with artificial snow. It has 5 easy routes with the total length of roughly 3 kilometers, as well as a snowpark, where you can practice various winter sports.

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