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Palm House in Poznan

The Poznan Tropical Plants Exhibition (The Palm House) is the largest of its kind in Poland. The first green house with a total size of 534 sq meters was built in 1910-11. Between 1928-29 a construction three times this, reaching 1694 meters, Read More »

Zoological Garden in Poznan

Poznan is one of the few cities which boasts as many as two zoological gardens: the Old Zoological Garden and the New Zoological Garden. The Old Zoological Garden former, situated in Zwierzyniecka Street, dates back to 1871. Its origins are Read More »

Maltanka in Poznan

The Maltanka railway is supervised by MPK Poznan and it works from April till September/October. Older habitants of Poznan certainly remember first railway for children. Its opening took place on 22 July 1956. Because the railway was then Read More »

Avana – climbing wall in Poznan

“Avana” is the world of climbing and recreation – The biggest modern climbing gym in Poznan. Here waiting for you are approximately 1000 square meters of climbing walls. Avana is open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 22:00. They have the Read More »

Botanical Garden in Poznan

Botanical Garden, established in 1925, has been a public park and a university research institution. It is a perfect venue for relaxation after sightseeing the city. After walking along the paths to admire the 8,000 species typical of various Read More »

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