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Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular winter sports in Poland. There are lots of places where you can ski, but most of them are located in the south of Poland, in Tatry and Sudety Mountains. If you are interested not only in spending your Read More »

Sailing and windsurfing

Sailing is quite popular sport in Poland, mostly because in north-eastern part of the country there is a „land of a thousand lakes” – Masuria. Many hills configurated the territory and there are around 2000 lakes, including the biggest Read More »


Wandering through the mountains is very popular, especially in the summer time in Poland. People like spending their free time enjoying nature and strolling through the shady paths in forests. Tatry Mountains and Zakopane are again the most Read More »

Horse Riding

This sport has a long tradition in Poland. Abundance of horse riding clubs which are associated in Polish Horsemanship Federation (around 400), offer horse riding. It is also possible on agrotouristic farms. Services can be different: from a Read More »


Why not a bike? It’s good activity not only to move your body, but also it’s more interesting to see the world from bike-saddle perspective. Rent-a-bike services are not only in big cities, but often in little touristic towns it is Read More »


Best places to make canoe expeditions are on the Masurian lakes and in Augustow Canal. Most beautiful trips to be made are along River Krutynia and on the Western Pomeranian Lakes. Few hours riding from Krakow, on Dunajec River an interesting Read More »

Rock Climbing

It’s quite dangerous sport for fit and courageous, determined people. The best places for climbing are in Tatra Mountains, picturesque surroundings of Marine Eye Lake or Five Polish Ponds Valley are good choice, because besides climbing Read More »


This sport hasn’t been popular in Poland until the late ’90s. Now it is becoming more and more popular, but it is still considered to be an exclusive sport for rich and famous. In fact, lots of politicians, businessmen and Read More »


There are lot of hang-glidnig schools in Poland, usually they are close to the sport airfields or on their territory. Some of these schools are open all year round, some only in tourist season. All of them have professional equipment and stuff Read More »

Ice sailing

In summer Masurian Lakes, Polish „land of thousand lakes” and paradise for sailors, are full of people. Not too many people know that sailing on them is possible also in the winter. Thanks to that sailors who are really addicted to this sport Read More »

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