3 Maja street in Rzeszow

The main road that forms part of the City Centre starting from May 3 Street. For many years it is the main promenade and shopping center of Rzeszow city center. Street buildings are mostly small, simple, in the form of residential buildings, and in part, representative public buildings. In the years 1950-1960, most of the old houses has undergone a thorough restaurant, during which simplifies their architectural design. Corner of the square parish house of the House of Books bookstore was built around 1840 by F. Skielski, who arranged the first there in Rzeszow printing, which adhere to the eighteenth and nineteenth-century historical houses.

Across the street stand four houses from the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Next on the right side of the street, in the depths of a small square building is erected NBP in the postwar years, and in front of the house building trade, “Delicatessen”, with a cafe, “Cosmos” on the upper floor . This building is the result of a thorough transformation of the stately, old Art Nouveau building of Municipal Savings Bank in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Another part of the street is a historic former convent buildings team Piarist including: college – now I High School, the church. St. Cross, commonly called the middle school and convent – now the Museum District. There are two interesting objects from the beginning of this century: building the NBP and Bank PKO building built between 1906-1908 for the Municipal Savings Bank, founded in 1862, the building is distinguished by the unique architecture: its eclectic facade, the interior is similar to Gothic – a mixture of many styles.

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