Arboretum in Olsztyn

Arboretum named after the Polish Forest Society in Kudypy, was organized by The Forest Inspectorate in Kudypy. The Arboretum is situated next to the western boundary of the city in a forested area regarded as one of the most beautiful corners of Warmia owing to its picturesque configuration.

The Kudypy arboretum, one of the newest botanic gardens in Poland, is a unique object – it has the only rich collection of native tree and brush species in the country and a collection of green plants typical of Warmia forests, including around 100 species of legally protected green plants, also several species which are in danger of extinction. The part called the collection arboretum, which is in the most beautiful part of the area in the transformed aged pine, spruce and oak stand with numerous monuments of nature, a pond, small architecture and walking paths, is particularly noteworthy. Frost-resistant specimens prevail in the Kudypy collection of nearly 700 species and varieties. They are plants from Asia (China, Korea, Japan), North Americ (the United States, Canada) and Europe. The Forest Inspectorate has organized two nature and didactic paths: “Kudypy Clearing” near the office of the Forest Inspectorate and “from Olsztyn to Kudypy” leading from Kortowo to Kudypy. Two footpaths lead to the garden – the Copernicus Route and The Alojzy Sliwa Route.

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