Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn

The Moon, Sun, planets and planetoids, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and comets may be observed every day in Olsztyn Astronomical Observatory, while its terrace offers a superb city panorama. If the sky is clear, ‘sky shows’ take place, while cloudless evenings and nights uncover mysteries of the starry sky. With the use of a telescope you may observe immense richness of craters and mountains on the Moon,spot the difference between planets and stars, view four brightest Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings.

As for distant universe objects, the Observatory presents multiple systems and star clusters, bright nebulae and galaxies. On a sunny day you can also examine the Sun with the telescope tracking the sunspots, which is a great attraction. In hobby circles the youth has a chance to broaden their knowledge, get to know astronomical devices and instruments, conduct observations of variable stars or track sunspots.

Address: 13 Zolnierska Street 

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