The Bernardine Monastery Defence Complex in Rzeszow

The Bernardine Monastery Defence Complex is one of the most valuable monuments of the sacral art in Rzeszow. The Bernardine monastery defence complex is late-Renaissance building with Baroque elements. The walls are covered with Rococo polychromy from approximately the 18th century. Sepulchral monuments of the Ligeza family attract visitors’ attention in the presbytery. The historic Monastery of Bernardine Church of magnificent Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a famous place of pilgrimage. 

The monastery was built in the first half of the seventeenth century in a place of an older, sixteenth – century church building. Originally a wooden church stood here, which was to be built in 1536, according to tradition was the creation of church-related finding in this place in 1513, the statue of Our Lady, which is now in the chapel, which is the Sanctuary of Our Lady. The monastery is situated on a small eminence, among the swamps and river floodplains Mikoski, and the monastery had a defensive character, as evidenced by preserved to this day served as embrasures bastion in the defense. Church of Assumption was built in the late Renaissance style, but with elements of Baroque, presents high artistic value. It was built on the plan of a Latin cross with two chapels on the sides and a square bell tower with a porch-in the underground.

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