Bialystok Zoo in Bialystok

Bialystok Akcent Zoo is situated on the site of the old park “Zwierzyniec”, it was originally established in the 1960s. Initially the object was intended to function as a ZOO only temporarily. Unfortunately the planned “real zoological park” has never been created and the provisional Akcent ZOO has been operating to date. It is one of the most often visited places on the Bialystok map. The ZOO plays an immensely important educational – didactic role for children and youth. Entrance is free and at any given time when using the main alley surrounding the ZOO.

The site is for the most part inhabited by Even-toed ungulates (Shetland pony, mouflon, wisent, sheep, deer, llama, yak, fallow deer, roe deer). There are also bears, wild boars, foxes, raccoon dogs and Eurasian lynxes. The ZOO prides itself on the collection of birds, mainly Phasianidaes i.e. various species of pheasant, domestic chickens, greylag and Canadian geese, mute swans, black swans, crows, eagle-owls, owls, common buzzards, and numerous storks. A public procurement has been planned as the ZOO is in need of modernization. Owing to the modernization the conditions of life of the animals will be significantly ameliorated (this is the main purpose for the improvement works). Living spaces will be enlarged, new shelters will be built and a veterinary facilities will be localised within the ZOO. Also the offices will be rebuilt together with the fence. A number of CCTV cameras will be installed. The visitors will be walking along new alleys. A mini ZOO is also planned as an educational site for the youngest. The project will be implemented and supervised in liaison with veterinary doctors and various site services.

Address: Zwierzyniec Park

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