Biographic Department of Leon Wyczolkowski in Bydgoszcz

The beginnings of the Bydgoszcz collection date back to the year 1922, when Leon Wyczolkowski gave the Museum of Wielkopolska Region in Poznan an abundant collection of eastern art, featuring carpets, wall hangings, kilims, vases, bowls, glassware, historical furniture, paintings and graphics. For this gift, the Poznan Domestic Department gave the artist the country manor in Goscieradz near Bydgoszcz.

After the artist’s death on April 8, 1937, his wife handed over 425 works, sketchbooks, personal memorabilia and accessories from the studio to the city in accordance with the last will of her husband. The deed of gift obliged the city to take care of the collection, to popularise the works and to commemorate the anniversaries connected with the artist, and take care of his grave.
In 1939, the number of all artistic collections included 458 items, 155 of which were lost during World War Two. The collection features works from different creative periods of the artist, from his early youth to the last years of his life. The museum has early oil paintings by Leon Wyczolkowski from the late 19th century, which were made under the influence of artistic works by Wojciech Gerson and Jan Matejko and other artists. The collection preserves also graphics made with the use of various techniques: etching, aquatint, soft varnish, stone engraving, and lithography, which used to be the artist’s favourite technique.

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