Botanical Garden in Poznan

Botanical Garden, established in 1925, has been a public park and a university research institution. It is a perfect venue for relaxation after sightseeing the city. After walking along the paths to admire the 8,000 species typical of various climate zones from all over the world, one can sit on the benches and have a rest. 

The other part of the Botanical Garden is the Adam Mickiewicz University Research Centre where the acclimatization properties of plants and their potential use in the city’s green spaces are tested. It is really a delightful place with the magic touch of nature. The Botanical Gardens are a research and teaching division of Adam Mickiewicz University, considered to be one of the most modern and beautiful gardens of its type in Europe. Covering more than 22 hectares, it contains an imposing collection of over 8,000 species and varieties of plants from almost every climate zone of vegetation around globe. The display is arranged in separate departments: ornamental plants, geography, ecology, systematic, biology and changeability of plants.

Address: 165 Dabrowskiego Street

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