Canoe trips on the Lyna River through Olsztyn

Olsztyn is situated on three rivers – the Lyna, Wadag and a small Kortowka. The biggest of them all – the Lyna – rises near the village of the same name and flows through Olsztyn Lake District. The river is beautifully meandering through Olsztyn, creating picturesque views you can admire near the Old Town. The rivers of Olsztyn, due to their unique character, attract canoeists and kayaks. From May to September they organise canoe trips “on the Lyna through Olsztyn”.

The route is easy and suited even for beginners. It starts at the foot of Olsztyn Castle. A three-kilometer-long route goes through the picturesque Lyna canyon in Municipal Forest. The final destination is a charming place, where the Lyna joins the Wadag. The trip takes about 1,5 hour and ends with a grill party. The canoes are awaiting the participants at the starting point and you are not obliged to take care of them when the trip is over. After a grill party the organisers provide a bus service to the city centre. Another canoe trip worth recommending follows the Lyna to the Campsite no 173 in Dywity. Especially attractive and most popular version is an eight-kilometer long route, covered in 2–2,5 hours. It starts at a set time at the Castle. The route goes through the Lyna Valley, being a part of Municipal Forest. Be prepared for the areas of fast current. After an hour you reach the water power station. Further on, the river gets broader and the current becomes nearly imperceptible. Having passed the bridge you come across a 200 m wide pool. After a while you reach the campsite, where you can make a grill. You can stop here and stay overnight in a camp house or a tent and continue north the next morning.
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