Chrobry Embankment in Szczecin

Waly Chrobrego (by 1945 Hakenterasse) was built between 1901 and 1921 in the area called the “Lower Wieck”, replacing the Leopold’s Fort liquidated in 1873. Waly Chrobrego is the 500-metre-long terrace running along river Odra, built up with monumental buildings. This whole area is considered the life’s work of Hermann Haken, the over-mayor of Szczecin between 1878 and 1907. Willing to express their appreciation, the municipal council decided in 1903 that it should be called the “Haken’s Terraces”.

Both the terrace and the Marine Museum were designed by Wilhelm Meyer-Schwartau. The today’s seat of the Voivodeship Office was designed by Paul Kieschke, and the seat of the Marine Academy – by Emil Drews (the Southern building) and Richard Osterwold (the Northern building). Furthermore, at Waly Chrobrego you will also find two pavilions, the viewing terrace with the sculpture of the “Centaur Fighting the Lapith”, the spectacular fountain and monumental stairs. The side walls of the viewing terrace are decorated with the coats of arms of Pomeranian cities. By the fountain, there are two candelabra.

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