Church of the Holy Trinity in Lodz

In 1826-1828 reared at Piotrkowska Street Classical, Evangelical church of the Holy Trinity designed by Bonifacy Witkowski – architect of the Mazovian Voivodship Committee. The church, the main dominante of the square, acquired its present-day form in the years 1889-1896. 

Today the temple, under the invocation of the Holy Trinity, is used by the Roman Catholics. Attention ought to be paid to the monumental building of the Archeological and Ethnograpic Museum, housed in the former municipal offices. It acquired its present-day form in the course of the thorough transformations introduced in the years 1924-26 by the architect W. Lisowski. Originally, there was the oldest Lodz school that stood in this place, founded in 1856) – still another evidence of the former importance of Nowy Rynek.

Address: 2/4 Piotrkowska Street

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