Czestochowa Museum

Czestochowa Museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Czestochowa, functioning since 1905. It documents the city’s heritage, which is inextricably linked with the history of Poland. It houses a large collection of Polish and regional paintings, including the works of Jacek Malczewski, Wojciech Weiss, Jan Cybis, and Teodor Axentowicz as well as a considerable collection of graphic works representative of Polish art. As regards ethnography, the collection of Polish devotional art and regional folk culture artefacts deserves particular attention. 

The museum also houses a comprehensive collection of historical memorabilia, such as weapons, coins and medals, as well as archaeological and natural history exhibits (including an important collection of insects). The exhibitions can be found in four different locations throughout the city of Czestochowa.
The exhibitions can be found in following locations:
-Archeological Reserve
-Old Town Hall
-Museum Good Art Gallery
-Gallery of Painting and Sculpture
-House of Poetry
-Exhibition Pavilions in Stanislaw Staszic Park

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