Dendrorogical Garden in Poznan

Dendrological Garden, covering the area of 4 ha, was established in 1920. Before World War II as many as 900 species and varieties of trees could be seen here. Since the Garden was open to the public, most of the vegetation had been devastated. Only about 200 species survived. 

In 1958 the Agricultural University of Poznan came into the possession of the Dendrological Garden. Thanks to their efforts, the pre-war collection of trees has been restored. Moreover, new trees and shrubs have been planted here. Nowadays, there are as many as 700 species and varieties of trees and shrubs. The Garden is still an educational and research institution, however, in summer it is open to the public. The best time to admire the garden beauty is in the spring and early summer, when most plans are bloom, or in autumn to see the golden Polish autumn.

Address: 71D Wojska Polskiego Street

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