Doctor Wladyslaw Bieganski’s bench in Czestochowa

Doctor Wladyslaw Bieganski was the inhabitant of Czestochowa of the century – sat on the bronze bench in Najswietszej Maryi Panny Avenue in front of the City Library named after him on the 23rd of September 2008. He was an outstanding doctor and a community worker, ethicist and philosopher. The bench was built thanks to the initiative of the Medical Society and support of the Czestochowa City Hall.

This is how celebrations of the 150th anniversary of doctor’s birth and the 90th anniversary of his death (1857-1917) ended. The year 2007 was in Czestochowa the Year of Doctor Wladyslaw Bieganski. The aim of the organisers of the series of events and celebrations was to introduce the city inhabitants to the figure of this eminent doctor, philosopher and community worker, “the Czestochowa inhabitant of the century.

Address: 22 NMP Avenue 

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