Feast of the Cross Church in Czestochowa

A parish Feast of the Cross Church, situated at the crossroads of Bialska Street and Sikorskiego, was constructed in the neo-Renaissance style in 1949-56 and consecrated on the 31st of January 1954. In 1989 a sheet copper roof was laid (the previous roofing was damaged by gales), the interior of a “small” church was renovated and Our Lady of Sorrows funeral chapel was built by a belfry and consecrated by bishop Kolodziejczyk on the 14th of September 1991.

Thanks to the parish priest Zdzislaw Gilski’s efforts matters connected with property right to the plot were regulated, galleries were added to the parish church, foundations were secured, the old parish was pulled down and the church’s interior was painted (1997). The beginning of the sister Aniela Godecka’s beatification procedure as well as transfer of her mortal remains to a specially prepared chapel were both held in the church on the 19th of September 1994 and the 26th of March 1998 respectively. On the 14th of September archbishop Stanislaw Nowak consecrated the Feast of the Cross Church. On the very same day he opened a chapel called Golgotha where relics of the Holy Cross were placed. In the following year an enthronement ceremony of the Christ the King was held there (on the 14th of September 1999).

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