Geological Paradise in Kielce

The Geological Paradise is accumulation of geological reservations right in the middle of the city. The area of Kielce is abundant in geological reservations, therefore, it is a real heaven for all amateurs of geology. The most famous is the Kadzielnia Reservation, established in the place of an old stone pit. Numerous coral, cephalopod, as well as the unique placodermi fish and brachiopod fossils are under conservation here. You can also observe various examples of tectonic, mineralization and karst phenomena, i.e. 26 caves, the two of which (“Prochownia” and “Szczelina”) will soon become available for the tourists as intensive actions are taking place to adapt them for this purpose.

There is also an amphitheater, picturesquely located in a rocky scenery, which is a place for a variety of concerts and outdoor events. Another interesting and unusually situated site is the “Slichowice” Geological Reservation which lies almost in the middle of a housing estate. It has been established to preserve the rock excavation in a form of characteristic strongly folded limestone – a fragment of the Hercynian tectonics of the Swiętokrzyskie Mountains. There is also a noteworthy geological profile with a recumbent rock fold. In the eastern fringe of the Kadzielnianskie Range (the Swietokrzyskie Mountains) there is the Wietrznia Reservation, where there are Upper-Devonian limestones with alternating bank thickness. They include the remains of brachiopods, corals, snails, bivalves, trilobites, crinoids and placodermi fish. The smallest Kielce reservation is the surrounded by forest Biesak-Bialogon. Here, the outcrops of Ordovician and Cambrian rocks reveal many remarkable tectonic phenomena, therefore, they are under protection. In this respect, Kielce are an exceptional place, not only on the scale of the Swietokrzyskie Region, but also the whole Poland and Europe.

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