Golden Mountain in Czestochowa

Zlota Gora – Golden Mountain is a hill on the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, located opposite to Jasna Gora. The Mountain is made of limestone and in its white slopes and excavations the hill reflects rays of setting sun with gold. An unforgettable view – a vista of the whole Czestochowa stretches away from the place. On the hillsides of Golden Mountain a couple of lime kilns were built. On the western side of Golden Mountain quarries of Jurassic limestone (‘Saturn’, ‘Adam’, ‘Calcium’ and ‘Emilia’) were exploited.

Limestone used to be a very popular construction material and many buildings in Czestochowa were built from stone which was extracted from this place. Currently, the excavations are closed and they serve as a tourist attraction. During the occupation there was a prisoner-of-war camp on Golden Mountain, initially the camp was only for Poles, then for Russians and at the end of 1943 also for Italian prisoners. In a road pit near the highest point of the mountain (281 m above sea level) there is a commemorative plaque in honour of ten thousand victims of Fascism, who died in the camp. It was one of two prisoner-of-war camps in Czestochowa which formed the ‘Stalag No. 367.’ The second camp was located in the old Russian barracks from the period of Partitions in the then Zawady neighbourhood in Dabrowskiego Street. Together around 20,000 prisoners died in the two camps (mainly Frenchmen, Italians and Russians).

Address: Mirowska Street 

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