Wandering through the mountains is very popular, especially in the summer time in Poland. People like spending their free time enjoying nature and strolling through the shady paths in forests. Tatry Mountains and Zakopane are again the most popular placse for hiking fans.

Unfortunately, like in the winter, it is quite crowded there, not only in the city, but also so many tourists are going to hike in the mountains so hiking paths may also be crowded sometimes. The fact is that these are the highest (2000-2500 m above sea level) and best prepared for hiking mountains in Poland. Lots of tourist hostels are located there, so interesting expeditions can be done from here.

If you are looking for a quiet, nice place to relax, you can choose Bieszczedy Mountains in the south-east of Poland, they are still quite mysterious and wild, not so many tourists are coming to hike there.

In Beskidy Mountains, very popular activity, especially among young people, is to climb on Babia Gora during the night, to reach the top at dawn and watch the breathtaking sunrise.

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