Historic cities

Big cities like Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw etc. with many historic relics, museums and other tourist attractions are quite well known, so in our travel guide we want to present you also some small towns and villages often very picturesque and enchanting, with typical small-town architecture. Many of them were destroyed by wars and fires, later reconstructed. Most of them are rarely visited by foreign tourists but they are certainly very interesting.

Besides historic relics there are also prehistoric relics in Poland as well – from the 7th century BC till the 20thcentury. They mainly include architectural monuments of wood, brick or stone, but also archaeological sites and monuments of technology, such as the world unique salt mine in Wieliczka. The monuments of art and design represent various styles, from the Romanesque to Art Nouveau, often visible side by side in the same building. Numerous historic buildings were destroyed during the World War 2 but many of them were fully reconstructed and original fragments were preserved.

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