Horse Riding

This sport has a long tradition in Poland. Abundance of horse riding clubs which are associated in Polish Horsemanship Federation (around 400), offer horse riding. It is also possible on agrotouristic farms. Services can be different: from a short recreative ride with an instructor to few weeks horse riding camps in the land.

In Poland there are two trails through the mountains which is possible to pass by riding a horse. First one, Trans-Beskid Horse Trail has 600 km, and second, Trans-Jura Horse Trail, which spreads on the distance of 250 km. It is good idea to connect sport with sightseeing, because in Poland lots of antiquities are close to or even on the territory of splendid historic manors from 17th and 18th century.

Special attention should be paied to arab horses – Poland is famous for breeding them. The best horses are from: Janow Podlaski, Ketrzyn, Gladyszowo, Ksiaz or Boguslawice.

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