Jasne Blonia and Kasprowicza Park in Szczecin

Jasne Blonia is a huge, green square in Szczecin’s centre. This terrain was given to Szczecin in 1925 by Martin Quistorp. There is a monument of the pope John Paul II commemorating his visit in Szczecin 1987. He said a mass at Jasne Blonia then. The name “Jasne Blonia” came into existence as a result of a mistake committed by the clerk – the original Polish name for Quistorpaue was to be “Jasna Polana” (Bright Glade), not “Jasne Blonia” (Bright Greens).

It was close that Jasne Blonia would be never created. The authorities planned to buy this area, divide into smaller pieces and build houses there along the lengthened Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. Martin Quistorp decided he would give this area to Szczecin, but only if there would be no houses, but public green area.
Kasprowicza Park is located at the area given to Szczecin by Johann Quistorp. It lies at the hill next to Lake Rusalka (Westend See), which, in fact, is the dammed up stream Osowka. There are two bridges over it. In the park there is a Summer Theatre with the concrete arch looking quite similar to the one that dominates the city of St. Louis and the sculpture of Wladyslaw Hasior, “The Burning Birds”. From the South, the park is closed with the monumental Statue of the Deed of the Poles. The three eagles the monument consists of symbolize the three generations of Poles who re-built Szczecin after World War II. Kasprowicza Park is the biggest park in Szczecin and the Szczeciners’ favourite place to come and rest for a while.

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